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We would like to thank Angie Paulekas, Loretta Whiting, St. Gabriel Church and School, St. Joseph Church, the teachers and staff at Sage Park Middle School and Dr Craig Cooke for this wonderful fundraiser. We will be able to help so many families with all your generous donations. 



The latest update on the new Windsor Animal Shelter can be found here



The fundraiser for Officer Vesco and Iko at Jim’s Pizza was a HUGE success.  

In addition to the event at Jim’s Pizza, over $13,000 was raised on Officer Vesco’s GoFundMe page!



The folks who made it happen! Officer Steve Vesco surrounded  at Jim’s Pizza in Windsor, CT by colleagues and friends who spearheaded a GoFundMe campaign and fundraiser to help K-9 Iko – Left to Right..

Wayne and Kimberly Cabral, Officer Steve Vesco, Debbie Samson and Mark Rudewicz.

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To read more, head over to the article at:  newsandviewsjb

           ( original story can be found on our news page here )







HELP!!! We are very low on food for the shelves. Please help us help those in Windsor who are in need of supplemental food supply for their beloved pets. Any donation, small or large will help tremendously. Dog/cat food-canned or dry…anything! Drop off locations and our phone number can be found in the “DONATION” areas down below on our permanent help request. As always, pickups can be arranged!!!

If you would prefer to send a cash donation via PayPal or Mail, please click the Donate drop down button above.


Windsor Police Department
Drop Off – 340 Bloomfield Ave

Windsor Stop & Shop
Drop Off – Has a Dog House setup in the front of the store

Windsor Animal Control
Call – 860-688-5273, ext. 556

Thank you for your generosity! – All of us at FOWACC

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  Here is another simple way to support us…  

Businesses in the community have generously allowed FOWACC to have donation cans on their premises.  Look for them when you shop local!!  A list of participating businesses is located above at the “How to Donate” tab.

(If you would like a can for your business, please email us at  and we will deliver to you)

We would love to add you to our list!!!

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